Tuesday, August 25, 2009

JasperReports and Weblogic deployment issue

Hello everyone,

Recently I added dependency to Jasper Reports 3.5.2 and my deployment on Weblogic 10.3 failed with exception similar to listed below
java.lang.ClassCastException: weblogic.xml.jaxp.RegistryDocumentBuilderFactory
As far as I discoved later there can be 2 possible reasons for that. Jasper Reports has dependencies to xerces-impl and xml-apis which can cause conflict with libraries already included in Weblogic. For more details visit appropriate link.

Therefore correct appropriate pom.xml in order to exclude mentioned dependencies:

< dependency >
< groupid > jasperreports </ groupid >
< artifactid > jasperreports </ artifactid >
< exclusions >
< exclusion >
< groupid > xerces </ groupid >
< artifactid > xercesImpl </ artifactid >
</ exclusion >
< exclusion >
< groupid > xml-apis < /groupid >
< artifactid > xml-apis < /artifactid >
</ exclusion >
< /exclusions >
</ dependency >


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  1. Hi there, could you PLEASE help me here :
    in iReport3.7.4
    I found 2 places that we can set the language one of them is for each report in repot properties and one of them is report
    default language in iReport ,
    also there are 3 laguages that u can set (groovy,javascript,java) if u set it to groovy and javascript it would have language="groovy" or language="javascript"
    and it keeps this after save but if u set it to java it doesn't have language="java" and if u yourself add it manualy it would be removed after each save again...so ur report has this error because the language is null
    "javax.servlet.ServletException: au.com.rmt.ca.exceptions.SystemException: net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Language "javascript" not supported by this report compiler.
    Expecting "java" instead.