Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ganttzilla - online MPP, MPX, Planner documents viewer

Hello everyone.

Finally got time to post some new information and it is very pleasant to me.
Our product, Ganttzilla - online MPP, MPX, Planner documents viewer, finally launched!
Ganttzilla is the online project plan documents viewer which supports popular Microsoft Project and Planner formats. Using it You can view or share your Gantts with anyone using just Web Browser. Now we are only beta version but hope to improve it in the future. Will be very grateful for any comments/remarks/criticism, even bugs :)



  1. There are several Ms Project viewers on the market,like Seavus Project viewer, i have been using it for quite a while and the gantt view is very good. What are the benefits of a online viewer? why should i be thinking of using your product.
    Just asking, i know that this is a question that you will be facing a lot.


  2. Hello Biljana,
    First of all thanks for the comment.
    There are few advantages of Ganttzilla in comparison to Seavus Project viewer.
    1. is online viewer - You don't need to install it. It is compatible with all operating systems, cause all You need is a web browser - Mozilla Firefox or Safari or IE or Opera or Google Chrome. Ganttzilla supports all of them.
    2. is free - if You have small team You don't need to pay. No free trial, no big restrictions.
    3. supports not only MPP files. It supports also old MPX, project files in XML format (known as MSPDI format), Planner project plans. In future we will support much more.

    Please try, and leave more comments.

  3. Also using Ganttzilla You can share Your Gantts with colleagues or use Ganttzilla as a storage for Your Gantts.


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